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Vanwege de Coronacrisis is het drukker dan gebruikelijk. Het zou kunnen dat de bezorging van je bestelling of reactie van onze klantenservice iets langer duurt. Wij vragen hiervoor uw begrip.

Dear Mrs. Obama – an invitation

Dear Mrs. Obama,

We’ve e-mailed you before but we guess our email might have slipped by unnoticed. Don’t worry about it though! We totally understand. We mean, you are a busy woman; writing books, traveling the world, being such a flawless, human being. So we email you again (sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry, please don’t think of us as annoying pushovers. We are just very big fans).

Anyway, let’s act as if we’ve never emailed you and you’ve never read the email (which you probably haven’t, being the busy bee you are)….

Good day and hello from Amsterdam! So good finally ‘speaking’ to you. We’ve been rooting for you (and Barack) to win the election since 2008. We are patiently awaiting your visit to Amsterdam for a couple of months now. To kill time, we’ve watched every interview you gave (that ‘Bye Felicia’ was such a good one, haha). We’ve been quoting your speeches to each other. We read your book. Listened to the audio version and couldn’t help but feeling a little jealous of Sasha and Malia for having such a good reader as a mother.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. I am writing…or…well…I have to say WE because I am speaking for more than one person…WE are writing because we are a bookstore. Besides selling books we like to admire and discuss them. The latter we prefer doing at one of our book club meetups.

This upcoming Wednesday (April 10th) we will be discussing YOUR – may I say marvelous – book. And we would like to invite you to the meetup. It would be sooooooo cool. We know, we know, April 10th, that’s seven days before your planned reading in our city. But please don’t stop reading because you’re like: ‘Uhhh, have these people not checked my tour data? So unprofessional. ‘Alexa, delete this email’’. We did check your schedule, thought this through and came up with a plan.

OK. So. Here's The Plan™.
You have to be in Stockholm on the 10th of April. The next day you’ll have to perform for the people of Oslo. But that’s at night, so you have a lot of time to kill. Did you know Stockholm - Amsterdam is just a lousy two hours by plane? Flying from Amsterdam to Oslo will only take 1 hour and 50 minutes of your time. In those two hours you can read a book (a personal recommendation), work, nap (another recommendation), watch a movie or stare out of the plane window, thinking about how good it is to be spontaneous in life (now I know that being spontaneous isn’t really in your blood. It isn’t in mine either tbh. I blame the fact that we both are Capricorns. The least spontaneous sign of all signs).

The best thing about our plan is: the whole world will assume that you will be spending your time in Sweden or Norway. Nobody will expect you here, Mrs. Obama. In other words: you will be able to walk around our beautiful city completely anonymously (we do suggest putting on a hat and sunglasses, just to be sure).

We don’t want to pet ourselves on the back or call this a plan by geniuses...but... oh...what the hell, we will do it anyway.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, 19:30 o’clock at My Bookstore!!!!! 

P.S. It’s always raining in this country, but not on Wednesday though. It’s going to be super sunny! Which is probably a sign.
P.P.S: We’ve heard Mr. Obama is joining you on your tour. We also heard/read that he loves books. And since we are a bookstore he'll be like a fish in the water, so feel free to bring him along. We have a broad selection of English literature for him to read while we discuss your book, Mrs. Obama. (Did Mr. Obama ever read short stories by Tobias Wolff? Fox 8 by George Saunders? A History of Seven Killings by Marlon James or – a personal favorite – Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?).
P.P.P.S: We have cookies and tea and coffee and homemade hummus and crispy, warm bread from the oven and cake.
P.P.P.P.S: Besides being fan of YOU we are big fans of YOUR COOL BALENCIAGA BOOTS! You can totally wear them to our meet up if you want to.

Charlie Roucha

Social Media & Marketing Specialist